who is writing here ???

i’m a blockchain and esport enthusiast from near koblenz; interested in decentralized systemssecurityprivacydisrupting technologyopen source software (github) and gaming.

i’m convinced technological progress should benefit everyone and not only the privileged minority.

i’m not on instagram or facebook. i definitely hope centralized institutions go burn in hell as much as possible.² i think you can figure out why.

i use this blog as a digital therapeutic tool. and i really think it works. it’s like having a diary, but i do enjoy the interactions and decentral network growth.

more interesting bio ???

  • residence: earth
  • favourite car: m8
  • drinks/smokes/drugs: chocomel and blueberry white tea
  • religion: i like DAOism and catholic
  • occupation: it’s complicated, i’ll protect and serve as a validator for eth2

which things i’m excited and thinking about ??? (incomplete list)

more famous !!!

in 2010, i was burning at cs 1.6 on de_dust tt side and discovered bitcoin while i tabbed to organner’s website. i instantly connected to the crazy irc channel from #organner (quakenet) and asked him what’s bitcoin ??? he told it’s a payment system. how it could possibly have value without physical backing ??? i became more and more sceptical and decided to switch to world of warcraft, but one day blizzard reworked the damage component from my beloved mage combustion spell. i cried myself to sleep, and on that day i realized what horrors centralized services can bring. i soon decided to quit.

it was a project with global reach. vit ceo stuart duncan (ceo & president of ten broadcasting) and the community, has driven the initial coin offering by a massive 20 million us-dollar ether pump. the tube8 workflow was stopped after about twelve months hard work, due to an integration-mess by tube8.com and a strong ether dump. it’s like poison you know, if you put two rats in a bottle, one will kill each other, don’t be the rat. stu is still here and hasn’t left the planet yet, can we hope for a re do or was everything for the ass ???

simply unbelievable, the funniest fail project in cryptospace i’ve ever participated in; the mostly well-integrated mainstreamers was ripped off by their investments at the initial coin offerings bubble in 2018, and of course they’re flaming hard because the burned cash failed to earn anything. but things are changing, and that’s the way it is in high risk space, it’s like poker you know, things may have a 5% chance of survival. nevertheless, the vision industry token was a great trip trap that really spoiled my bad mood immeasurably.


why is M8 writing here ???

even during my education in business management, i was fascinated by the idea of ​​looking at the financial system as a „whole“. by learning the perfectly coordinated functional relationships in the traditional financial system, many decisions by entrepreneur and blocktrepreneurs can be better understand.

in addition to education, blockchain and esport also require experience in their application. so that every user will learn more about it, on a different way and experience his own personal story in this new space. i wanna share some of my mindsets here, they’re not the only way to go, but i think its a good anchor point to use the internet wiseful, and make it to a better place. do your due dilligence and go ahead.